Day 1, Part 1

kariannEthiopia 2018, Nyheter

Day 1, Part 1:
Today we visited the faculty of dentistry at the University of Addis Ababa (AAU) where we met the dental students and our Ethiopian dentist colleagues. We had a guided tour and were shown the different dental departments where we also had the opportunity to observe the students.

Our main impression is that our colleagues in UiAA have both the knowledge and the will to do the right and best treatment, but they are challenged by the lack of dental materials and equipments. Although TUG have donated many dental equipments, they are still in need for more help. We also noticed that they need follow-up on the equipments and that there is a lack of technicians who can do maintenance and reparation. We look forward to start the clinical treatment tomorrow.

After the tour at the university we went to Abebech Gobena Orphanage where we are planning on doing preventative work and dental treatments later on during our stay. The children were adorable and melted our hearts. «Children are the building blocks of the future» ♡